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A public institution of Telsiai art incubator realized the project ``Formation of favorable conditions for the activity of beginner artists and art-related business subjects in Telšiai district``. The project was initiated because of the unsatisfactory state of the cultural heritage object of the Trade school and the problem of unemployment of young creative people.


• to take on the artists of various branches of art, their groups and art-related businesses (creative industry) developing the persons in one space;
• to provide conditions for the artists to create and present their works to the public;
• to help the artists with the initiation of their own business;
• to provide better conditions for the development of businesses related to art;
• to activate the collaboration of society in cultural life;
• to attribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

TELMI community

We invite making the acquaintance and collaborating with TELMI residing creators.


Here you can find information about the services and products provided by artists and designers in Telšiai. Meet and get in touch.

Realized projects and the news

The publication ``Modelled life``, published during the project, presents the creation of the artist-professor of Vilnius Art Academy, Telšiai department, Romualdas Inčirauskas. The publication collects and presents the material about the creation of the universal artist: his works in public spaces are presented, a sculpture, minor metal plastic, painting. In the publication, one can get introduced with the creator's biography, his participation in exhibitions, rewards.