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Creative business lives here


Public institution Telšiai arts incubator realized the project “Formation of favorable conditions for the activity of beginner artists and art-related business subjects in Telšiai district”. The project was initiated because of the unsatisfactory state of the cultural heritage object of the Trade school and the problem of unemployment of young creative people.


• to take on the artists of various branches of art, their groups, and art-related businesses (creative industry) developing the persons in one space;
• to provide conditions for the artists to create and present their works to the public;
• to help the artists with the initiation of their own business;
• to provide better conditions for the development of businesses related to art;
• to activate the collaboration of society in cultural life;
• to attribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

We rent studios, bureaus and premises for various events and occupations:


Studios and bureaus

At the moment all premises are leased.

Repetition hall

Repetition hall is intended for stage arts:  theatre, dances, etc. The mirror wall serves for qualitative repetitions. The whole room can be divided into three separate areas with the help of sliding partitions. The repetition hall has a sound system. There are two changing-rooms with lockable cabinets and showers nearby. There is an Internet connection in the room.

The hall

The hall is intended for organizing events, meetings, conferences, presentations, etc. 100 sitting accommodations with 150 addable places for guests. There is a projector, lowered screen, stationary microphone with a stand, wireless microphone in the hall. Sound equipment intended for concerts with two constructible loudspeakers and an additional audio system intended for conferences. There is also a modular platform and projectors for platform illumination. There are two additional premises, intended for participants, with upholstered furniture and Internet access near the hall.

TELMI projects since 2012


Town festival “Aš toks vienas”


Design week in Telšiai

European heritage days „Architekto V.Kopylovo kultūros paveldo objektų Telšiuose įprasminimas“

Creative workshop „Metalo interpretacijos 2015“

“Etno ažūras”

“Kūrybiškumas – verslo pagrindas”




“Sušalusios lede pasakėčios šešios”

“Žemaičių krikšto paminėjimas miuziklu”

“Šokantis miestas”

“Atrask gyvenimo džiaugsmą”


Creative workshop „Šviesos interpretacijos“

School of Creative Entrepreneurship

“Septyni meno ženklai”

“Telšių miestas piešiniuose”

Creative workshop „Metalo interpretacijos 2016“


Creative workshop “Rekonstruotų odinių aksesuarų interpretacijos”

Creative workshop „Metalo interpretacijos 2019“


“Septynios miesto kalvos”

“Linksmiau šviečia saulė”

Creative workshop „Metalo interpretacijos“


Creative workshop “Rekonstruoto apavo interpretacija”

Creative workshop „Metalo interpretacijos 2017“


Creative workshop “Apyrankių istorija, simbolika ir interpretacijos”

Light installations. „Gyvieji paveikslai“

Book “Gyvenimas, nulipdytas iš plastilino”

“Telšių kūrėjų virtuali galerija”


Palma Urbanavičienė