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O. Neniškis

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O. Neniškis

Sculptor Osvaldas Neniškis, graduating the sculpture studies at Vilnius Art Institute (now VAA), since 1982 has resided, worked, and created in Telšiai. O. Neniškis is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, professor of Vilnius Art Academy, Telšiai Department. Under the order of the municipalities, elderates, also according to individual orders, creates portraits, decorative sculptures, minor plastics, medals, memorial objects. Takes parts in exhibitions, international projects, creative camps, symposiums in Lithuania and abroad. The following works of the artist are in Telšiai city: “Pranas Genys“ bust in Alka public garden of the Samogitian museum, “Lietuvos skalikas”(arch. A. Žebrauskas) in Telšiai Market square, where people start cognitive trips over Telšiai Old Town, memorial board for the artist Kipras Petrauskas in Telšiai, near the house in Respublikos St. 4. 4.

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