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Z. Inčirauskienė

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Z. Inčirauskienė

Zita Inčirauskienė – the professor of VAA, Telšiai Department. The member of the LAA. The member of LATGA. Creation areas – textile, calligraphy. Initiates and tutors exhibitions, projects, guides calligraphy seminars, creative workshops for students, art teachers, students from other universities and colleges. Has arranged 18 author’s exhibitions. Rewards: in 2016, with the Samogitian silver mark for keeping of Samogitian cultural identity and cultural self-expression. In 2009, individual state scholarship was awarded for the creation of the project Literary portrait of Lithuania. In 2012, Lithuanian textile workshop Aš mano man (I, my, for me), gallery Arka, Vilnius. Diploma. Diploma. In 2001, international textile art workshop Minkštas pasaulis (Soft world). Kaunas city library. Special prize. In 2001, republican Christian art exhibition Gyvybės šaltinis (Source of life), Kaunas city library. 1st premium. Her works have been purchased by Samogitian art museum in Plungė, Samogitian museum Alka in Telšiai, Nelimarka museum in Alajärvi (Finland), private collectors in Lithuania and abroad.

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+370 620 25560